For People Sick of Wasting Money Using Harmful Chemical-Filled Skincare...

Start Formulating Safe Skincare Using Organic and Natural Ingredients Without Any Prior-Knowledge or Experience

28th March 2023 |  8:00pm  |  Zoom Live

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Tell Me If This Sounds Like You...

  • You want to be able to solve your skin problems without using chemical-filled skincare, you want to take back 100% control over the ingredients.

  • You have tried XYZ expensive branded skincare, but nothing really worked... (Ops, your skin gets even worse than before!)

  • You wish you could just have better skin so that you can see a confident woman when looking in the mirror (even you are aging naturally).

  • You imagine selling your handmade natural skincare with your own beauty logo to earn side income in uncertain times like now, you know it's for good karma and great profits.

By Joining Our Webinar, You Will Discover These 


Secret #1 : To create & formulate your own skincare products, you don’t need to be a chemist or prior experience!

Secret #2 : How you can also formulate natural skincare easily to solve your own skin issues & avoid toxic products.

Secret #3 : How you will have fun to formulate your own natural skincare products, take care of your skin, send it as a gift & you can build a business.

This is Suitable for

  • Women who see the value in self-investment ( Of course we welcome men too!)
  • Creatives and Crafters who like to formulate your own toxin-free natural skincare and wish to customize the simplified formulations
  • Beginners with zero knowledge or experience in DIY or even natural skincare formulation.
  • People who want to earn side income selling own handmade skincare products ethically.

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Bonus #1:

FREE Recipe Card for Organic Arabica Coffee Body Polish (Worth $200 Value), You only need 4 ingredients right from the kitchen, so safe that you can even eat it!

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 FREE Pass to Access Our Exclusive Private Facebook Support Group and join over 2500 members to receive our latest updates + some free DIY tutorials for natural skincare & soap making (Worth $500 Value).

Yo, I'm Jenna

I'm the Founder, certified teacher and owned a Master in Instructional Design behind Soap Faculty. As an accredited training provider of International Practitioners of Holistic Medicine (IPHM) and Complementary Medical Association (United Kingdom), I also earned Holistic Herbal Product Making Diploma with a Distinction via Centre of Excellence, United Kingdom. My brand story is to empower women to take 100% charge in creating our own natural beauty skincare.

I often feel that the biggest challenge in the journey of formulating natural skincare is finding the right voice. The Internet is cluttered with too much misleading information which can influence the way we formulate our natural skincare correctly. Seeing this, I am inspired to only learn the ethical way and be the right voice for women who seek for the knowledge.

When students keep coming back to enrol in my online courses and tell me how effective the skincare they have made for their loved ones which help them to solve skin problems like eczema and acnes, I know I have to continue spreading this meaningful movement. There is actually positive transformation in their lives. This could be yours too, all I ask is you give this live webinar a try because if you never try, you will never know.

As Seen in These Companies &  Accredited Training Provider by The CMA and IPHM, UK.

I'm Also Featured Here on Google News:

All These Could Be What You Can Formulate When You Are Part of Us...

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  What Beauty Entrepreneurs Say...

Angela lim

Natural Amore

" With total zero knowledge on natural soap making and skincare, you have guided me to a whole new level of this craft in a very short period of time. Many thanks for your unselfish support, guidance, advice and sharing. You are truly a valuable coach, tutor and friend. "



" Thank you Jenna! Proud to be part of the fam! Those who would like to learn natural skincare, Jenna is the best teacher you could ask for. We have great and strong support group among us! We never compete with each other but we support each other. Thank you for the ride Jenna! All the best to everyone."


My Commodite

" Thank you Jenna! You are always very kind and generous in sharing the knowledge and skills you have! In, on and off class, you are always there to support. Thank you and I do wish you well in all your existing and new ventures, so to all of you who are interested in learning be it as a business start up or plainly as a hobby - give Jenna's classes a go, no regrets!

Jzune WONG

Seol Remedies

"Thanks so much, Jenna! I'm so glad to attend your classes and learnt so much from you. And of course the great & strong support group from the class. To those who are curious about natural skincare, do try out Jenna's class, she is one of the best teachers! Have fun everyone!"



"Thank you Jenna! The best decision I made so far. Besides I gain knowledge from the class, I also get the after class support which no other teacher or faculty can offer. Really appreciate it."


Hush Little Jane

"The online course is really awesome and fully detailed information from Jenna to a handmade skincare newbie like me. And Jenna is very helpful on the queries I have after the course even we haven't really met each other 😆❤️ thank you Jenna."

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